Our Process

Our methodology consists chiefly of being crystal clear about who our buyer persona is and reaching out to him/her with a plethora of channels such as 


  • Outreach to warm prospects of our database of contacts via personalized emails, phone calls and Linkedin messages
  •  Linkedin hacks and messages with organic tools (no paid ads)
  • Cold calls from experienced sales reps
  •  Inbound flows by building engaging content and on-site tools to extract information from visitors
  • Nurturing the sales prospects with follow up calls and emails up to 7 times and provide initial answers to their questions
  • Delivering sales meetings for you to handle or taking care of the deal closing as well


How fast can we start?

It greatly depends on your availability for finding the time to explain your business but normally it takes 2 weeks. After agreeing on the service you are needing, on objectives we aim for and payment structure, we need to start the training process for your sales team. It is essential to have a crystal clear idea about the target audience you are aiming for and the pains your service or product takes away from the potential customer. We also need to build or edit your sales presentation and to agree on a specific sales pitch.

How often can we talk to make sure we are aligned?

After the initial 2 weeks of preparing and training, we are now able to start the process by pitching the most friendly prospects of our database on your niche. Weekly calls are needed in the initial 1st month to make sure we understand and sell your product in the best possible way. After the 2nd month, we run monthly sales strategy alignment meetings that are essential to assess the progress we make. 

How soon can we see results?

We need at least 3 months for our team to be at ease when selling your service or solution so the 3rd month of cooperation is a good example of the amount of leads and the value added we can provide. Having said that, we expect the initial leads to flow from the beginning of the 2nd month of cooperation.

Do you handle social media?

Content management via Linkedin and Facebook posts on your social media pages are not crucial for the sales process, yet they can help a great deal during the nurturing process. We do offer this service only when the customer requests it with the necessary disclaimer of not adding to the direct sales results and the process we implement.

Do you offer content creation?

Especially for tech companies, we do offer keyword research and topic selection for long texts that are essential for being found by potential prospects on search engines like e.g Google and for improved page ranking. This is an integral part of a long-term sales strategy and can bring many qualified leads to our website.

Are you handling the social media content community management?

Typically, engaging via messages on Linkedin and Facebook is an important aspect of the outbound lead generation process so yes, we provide it.

Is running paid ads needed?

Only if your target market is broad enough and it has a sufficient presence on Linkedin and Facebook then yes, it is advisable to run ads for Lead Generation. If not, then organic

Do I get a report?

Yes, a bi-weekly report is being sent with the progress that has been made. If the sales cycle is shorter and the leads that are accumulated come in great numbers, a more frequent report is being dispatched, for example once every week or every few days to make sure the leads are not getting colder.

Do I get a dedicated Account Manager?

Yes, we are appointing a Success Manager to have as a contact person for all activation we perform for your account. This is a person that serves both as a consultant but also a doer on mutually agreed actions.

Does your process work for start-ups or new businesses?

Well, we believe that it works regardless of the maturity of your business. Start-ups and new businesses have a greater need for an initial customer base so as to test the market fit of their solution and move forward with qualitative feedback. In addition, they have a clean slate in terms of sales outreach so they are more open to our methodology. Having said that, established businesses often struggle to adopt techniques of the digital era so our services accelerate their outbound digital transformation.

How unique or niche can a market be?

For us, the point is to have a great product to sell. That being said, if you have a really unique product, then your outbound methodology changes as you need to rely on organic tools instead of paid ones. From experience, the more niche a market the more time it takes to bear fruit via organic Google search and Linkedin.

Do I need a Linkedin profile, a Facebook page or a website?

Yes, you need digital assets to make the process work, ideally all of the above. If you don’t have assets, we can create them for you or if you have a website that is not built to extract information from visitors, we can make changes for you to make it more friendly for leads. Furthermore, we will need to open an email address with your domain eg sales@yourdomain.com to be able to communicate with sales leads for your account.

What is the payment system?

It really depends on the nature of the service/product, its sales cycle and the average ticket. If the sales cycle is longer e.g. 4 months, we need to agree on a monthly retainer and a percentage commission per lead. If the sales cycle is faster, it may be agreed to have only percentage commission per lead.