Sales for Tech companies

Tech companies


If you have a great tech solution and you need sales expertise in European soil, we are here for you!

No matter if it’s an ecommerce web-based software, a new information system, a telco solution, a cloud service or a B2B mobile app, we offer guidance and hands-on sales help to land your initial clientele and reference customers.

We have helped start-ups, scale-ups and established tech companies to reach out to lazer-sharp target audiences. 

Immediate local presence

Your tech business can jump-start the customer acquisition process in Europe by leveraging our vast experience in the tech industry.

Our team members have a personal database of warm prospects providing faster sales cycles for validated solutions and insightful early feedback for start-ups.

So if you have a breakthrough solution in the tech industry and you just need sales to put your project on wheels, we can nail these leads together!

By cooperating with us, you are outsourcing your sales department and gaining an immediate footprint to Europe with sales rep presence and virtual office.   


Minimize your investment and Maximize your revenue

It’s always better to test the waters before making a deep dive into the unknown.

Same way, it’s far more lucrative to proceed to direct investment in human resources, local office rental and equipment only when you realize that your product or service has desirability in a given market and the European project “has legs”.

This is a certain way to minimize your upfront investment and commit only after getting some important revenue streams.