Our Process

Our Process

Our methodology consists chiefly of being crystal clear about who our buyer persona is and reaching out to him/her with a plethora of channels such as 

  • Outreach to warm prospects of our database of contacts via personalized emails, phone calls and Linkedin messages
  • Linkedin hacks and messages with organic tools (no paid ads), 
  • Cold calls from experienced sales reps
  • Inbound flows by building engaging content and on-site tools to extract information from visitors  
  • Nurturing the sales prospects with follow up calls and emails up to 7 times and provide initial answers to their questions
  • Delivering sales meetings for you to handle or taking care of the deal closing as well

Our Process

Your Partner in Outsourcing your Sales department! If you are interested in creating a steady flow of outbound sales, we are your kind of guy!
We are managing the whole Sales process of:


  • building together your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP),
  • creating your database of leads for outreach,
  • performing all actions to warm up your audience (email, linkedin message, calls),
  • jumping on discovery calls based on your script and deck,
  • delivering actual sales (not just leads!) to your business!
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Benefits you can quantify

  • We save an average of 39 Hours Per Month from your sales executives
  • We use a multi-channel outreach strategy will X3 Response Rates
  • We provide a nurturing process that increases Sales Engagement by 49%
  • We enrich your prospect’s data to increase closing of deals by 125%
  • We help your brands keep up with multi-channel presence to make it easier for 62% of customers to stay connected.

Training and handover to a direct salesforce

When the time is right to jump into the market with your dedicated salesforce, we take over the training and thorough handover of your salesforce so as to bridge the gap and make sure no miscommunication is done whatsoever for warm prospects that are about to convert.