Inbound Sales and Marketing

Tech Companies


If you are a software solution, we have a lean and clean methodology for you that makes sure that leads will be coming your way from the target market of your choice.

This “magic sauce” consists of the right content being distributed to the right people in the right frequency and channel.

We curate your content by providing the keywords and the topic selection your audience is actively searching for.

Furthermore, we create the right pool of people to be contacted either from our warm prospects pool or Linkedin connection we have carefully nurtured.

Then, using the right drip process of content, we reap the fruits of our labor by watching your database get piled with leads to nail.    

Sales-Oriented Paid Ads


We want to make sure your prospects find their way to your contact form.

For that matter, we use both organic content and paid media to make it happen.

Therefore, we are able to boost the lead generation process by running ads at Google search, Linkedin or even through Facebook forms.

Of course, if you are interested in getting our full service and maximize the value we can bring to the table, we are able to convert those leads by using scripts and presentation materials you provide.