Market Penetration

Market Penetration First Steps

First steps of introduction in a new market can be bumpy.

We help manage this initial stage of market penetration either creating your own virtual European office or by becoming your reseller.

We can tackle specific European countries or specific verticals so as to deliver a successful result.

This way, we can cover a specific European Area e.g. Eastern Europe or a vertical at a specific country e.g. web developers in England.

The objective is to nail the deals that will essentially become reference customers for you.

Furthermore, we can set up exclusive distribution partnerships with key resellers minimizing your exposure in terms of investment even further.

First New Clientele

Our sales executives, by having an already established database of warm prospects and vast experience in the tech and B2B European markets, can shorten the sales cycle.

Since the very beginning of our agency, building our own network with personal contacts was of utmost importance as only this way you are able to open doors that are considered wide shut.

More specifically, tech, retail and B2B services are the strongest pillars of our business and the ones we add value the fastest.

Other than that, we have a thorough knowledge of distributors, web development and digital marketing agencies.

This detailed contact base enables us to match new products and services with targeted prospects.

This is the way to create the first batch of customers that will become the reference for more to come. 

Ideal for Product Market fit with minimum risk

Taking the minimum of risks, your product is able to test the waters of new markets and get initial customers and meaningful feedback.

Instead of committing to a substantial upfront investment by opening a local branch, your business can create a virtual office until the market penetration of the product determines a more advanced course of action.