Your Sales Office

Your Sales Office

Based on our current premises in Europe, we manage the outreach of your business to address potential buyers.

We represent tech (IT, telco and software vendors) and other B2B services during their initial introduction to specific European countries.

This way, you establish a presence by having a virtual office with a dedicated office assistant, effectively becoming the local sales office in Europe.


In addition, leveraging the network of Retail wholesalers in markets throughout the world, we can bring together standardized product (e.g. cosmetics, food supplements) manufacturers with markets such as Egypt, Nigeria, Australia, India, Albania and others.  

Initial Customers Pillar

Our specialists have acquired extensive knowledge on various projects in tech and B2B services such as retail and wholesale in Europe.

Based on personal contacts of our sales representatives, your project can effectively reach out to warm prospects from day one. This warm database ensures a shorter sales cycle and faster feedback for your product.

Furthermore, leveraging the social proof from initial reference customers, enables you to spread your wings to more, even more prestigious prospects with greater confidence.

Needless to say that we supply contacts throughout the ecosystem you operate which play a pivotal role for the integration or the roll-out of your project e.g. developers, resellers, distributors aso. 

Virtual Office

It’s always better to have some initial traction of customers before making the leap of faith towards a local affiliate with tremendous stable costs to absorb every month.

Minimizing the risk is never a bad idea especially when the core objective of expanding your sales is attainable by creating a virtual sales office.

Needless to say of course that showing multinational presence and expansion is also very important for your image, especially at the initial stages of the venture’s life.

By having a virtual office with a dedicated phone call service, you can save your budget while simultaneously enjoying the top performance of our specialized sales people.