Sales Outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing

To hire a sales rep to take care of your outreach in European countries is an important decision to take and an important investment to make.

Therefore, as training new staff and creating from scratch the suitable contact list is both a time consuming and a resource exhausting process and it’s always better to commit to this investment later when revenue already exists.

Becoming your outsourced sales arm in Europe is a great way to have the best out of two worlds: less investment made with more sales performed.

Ignition of the Sales Process

We have both the knowledge and the prospects to start an outreach for Tech and other B2B services in Europe from day one.

Our team consists of sales professionals with cumulative decades of experience in Business Development on Tech and other B2B services, solutions and products.

Outsourced Market Knowledge and Experience

By outsourcing your sales to our capable professionals, you are committing to a lower investment and you are carefree about hiring new sales reps, training, building a functional office, utility bills, recruiting supporting staff aso.

Furthermore, you are able to leverage experience and knowledge built through extensive project management on Tech and B2B services.

This way you are able to create initial traction of clients and revenues before committing to direct investments when your business is already established by outsourced sales reps.