Sales for B2B ventures

Build Distribution in Mass Market Retail or Pharmacies

B2B services are a totally different ballgame than tech.

It requires even more connections with the right people.

We connect importing companies with retailers at the mass market or pharmacies in Southeastern Europe.

This way, if you have a range of products that crave for distribution in specific channels, we are here for you.

At mass market products we can assist your distribution at the low end of trade, clients who typically own 1 to 7 stores each.

In addition, Pharmacies is another great channel to leverage with thousands of selling points in Southeastern Europe.    

Export Markets

If you have physical products and you want to export them, we can provide a full network of established and specialized wholesalers for European developed markets such as UK, Spain, France aso and other developing ones in Eastern Europe and the Balkans (Albania, Serbia aso).

Furthermore, specifically in this field, our network of established contacts is expanded to areas such as Australia, India and North African countries.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Beauty and Fragrance products are among the top clients we expand their distribution.