Sales Expertise

Business Development/Sales for tech companies

Our mission is to enable Tech and B2B services ventures to sell their products in Europe by adding value on the sales process.


If you have a great technology or other B2B service but you feel your sales are lagging behind, we are here for you!

We manage your sales pipeline at the initial stages of your European presence.

You are appointed a sales expert who will make sure the right target audience is being contacted via the right channels. 

Extensive Sales experience in European Tech solutions

We take great pride in having vast experience in selling tech solutions (IT, SaaS aso) and other B2B services (Retail, Market Research) in Europe.


Our associates already have a warm audience in major tech and B2B industries and the tried and tested methodology to establish your footprint via omni channel presence.

So, try on your end to build the best possible product and let us worry about reaching out to prospects and nailing leads for you.